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Mod commands/rules

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1Mod commands/rules Empty Mod commands/rules on Sat Nov 17, 2012 11:09 am


Server Owner
Server Owner
Please note if any users see mods breaking the rules they are set or abuseing there commands tell a admin right away.


Banning somebody with out posting a ban report on the fourms
Rolling back something with out telling a admin first (this dos not mean do it then tell a admin it means tell a admin before you do it)
Being rude/immature to users (if you have a bad day just dont log on the server simple as that)
Spawning items for no reason apart from to help your self or others (even if you use it to repare grifeing put a greif report on the fourms first with imagaes to prove it)


I wont go over the fine details of how to use the commands as a mod you should all ready know how to use these

/tp Allows you to teliport to pepole and them to you
/ban What it says on the tin
/tempban Tempbaning what more
/invsee See what is in other pepoles inventory
/fly alows you to fly
/i Allows you to spawn items
/broadcast Say a noticeable message
/vanish allows you to dissaper
/mute spamming the chat not problum just mute em
/weather dissables or enables rain

And lots more

Thats it for mods

Tom your my new spell checker XD

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